For many of us, the holidays are one of the busiest, yet happiest times of the year, a time for family traditions, decorating our homes and giving gifts to friends and family. But for victims of domestic violence and their children who are without a safe home and the comforts so many of us take for granted, the holidays can be particularly stressful.

This year we are continuing our Building Hope Holiday Program to make the season merry and bright for our clients. We rely on donations from generous community members like you to make this program a success.

4Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What am I expected to provide the families?
A: Each family will submit a wish list of either gift card requests or physical gift items for you. For an idea- for households up to five, you can expect to spend about $300-$500 on either gift cards or gift items for that family (depending on the size).

Q: Can I choose the size of the family?
A: Our families do range in size, so please let us know how many people you would prefer to have in the family you adopt and we will do our best to accommodate.

Q: Can I adopt multiple families?
A: Yes, just let us know how many families you are able to adopt, keeping in mind the guidelines above. 

Q: Can I purchase items for the parents?
A: Absolutely, if you would like to! We ask all of our applicants to list their wish items or needs for the parents just in case donors would like to purchase gifts for them. 

Q: Can I wrap the gifts?
A: No, we ask that all gift items come new and unwrapped, as it is empowering for families to be able to wrap/decorate their own gifts. If you would like to, please feel free to include gift wrap and wrapping accessories with the gifts. 

Q: How long does it take for me to be matched with a family?
A: We aim to have all donors matched with a family by November 1st, 2024, but we do have late applicants, so we often have families in need past that date. 

Q: Do you give my information to the family when they are adopted?
A: No. All of your information stays private to the staff members involved in our holiday program and any identifying information would not be conveyed to clients. 

Q: What happens if I cannot fulfill my obligation to the family that I have adopted?
A: Please let us know as soon as possible, to give us time to ensure that the family can still have their holiday. 

Q: Will I have any contact with the family during this program?
A: Not directly. All communications will come from our holiday program staff that has the information from our families about their wish lists/needs. You will not be given their contact information.

Q: The family has listed very expensive items on the children’s wish lists. Do I need to provide these items?
A: No. We do tell our families that there is a $50 limit for gift cards and/or wish list items. They might list them, but you are not required to purchase those. 

Q: What if I need more details about the family’s wish list- who do I contact?
A: Please email our holiday program team at with any questions or things you feel you still need from the family. We will reach out to the family and get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call our business line at 937-461-5091, M-F 9am-5pm.