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Workplace Safe

If your employee is in an abusive relationship and trying to end the relationship, the office may be the only place the batterer can find and harm the individual, putting coworkers at risk.

Domestic Violence can affect your work environment and impact your bottom line. Employees who are battered at home could face many daily challenges at work:

  • Absenteeism – no shows, late to work, early departures
  • Lost Productivity – lack of concentration, fatigue, increased mistakes
  • Increased Health Care Costs – total health care costs for family violence equals hundreds of millions of dollars, the majority often paid by employer
  • Workplace Safety – harassment at work from batterer

Be Proactive

Dayton’s Artemis Center, through its “Workplace Safe from Domestic Violence” program, offers training that helps employers better understand and respond to domestic violence survivors who work for them.

You can minimize the chance a tragedy will occur at your place of business.

“Workplace Safe from Domestic Violence” training will help identify employees at risk, learn proper intervention, understand and implement effective security procedures, and recognize today’s legal issues.

Call 937-461-5091 to schedule a training for your company.

Hotline Posters

Artemis Center also provides domestic violence hotline posters for places of employment. These posters are often placed in bathroom stalls. Call 937-461-5091 to request hotline posters for your workplace.